Roger and Theresa Gobel
Roger and Theresa Gobel have five children and 7 grandchildren. Theresa is NOT an “outdoorsy” type girl and grew up in the city. Roger has always loved the country life and has had horses, cows and livestock for most of his life. He rode bareback and bulls in PRCA rodeos and continues to ride in roping events today. Over our almost 20 years of marriage – Theresa has grown to enjoy being outdoors and helping around the animals.

Theresa fell in love with some miniature donkeys she saw in a field while driving to and from El Dorado, KS for weekly groceries. She somehow sweet talked Roger into letting her have some….and then some alpacas….and then the pig….and then…..well you get the point. One thing led to another and Animal Crackers was set in motion.

Our friends, neighbors, family and even some strangers have all grown to enjoy seeing what’s new in the zoo. Hearing how much everyone seemed to enjoy seeing us grow inspired us to open the Zoo and has become a dream realized for Theresa.

Everyone struggles at some point in their life with being accepted or feeling lonely. We believe animals have an uncanny way of accepting us for who we are and to love us unconditionally. Animals have a way of bringing out the best in all of us and our hope is that Animal Crackers Zoo will bring a smile to all who encounter its staff and animals!

animal crackers zoo