Amos and Rosie

Amos and Rosie, miniature donkeys

They have been on the farm the longest.  This all started because of them!

Earl and Merle

Earl and Merle, alpacas

Alpacas fur, or “fiber” is very expensive and was once available only to royalty.  Their fiber is fire resistant, water resistant, warmer than wool and softer than cashmere.


Hoss, Pot-bellied Pig

He is very friendly and really, really likes to eat.  He loves to be scratched behind the ears and to get his belly rubbed.  He also likes to play with bowling balls.

Huey, Dewy and Louise

Huey, Dewy and Louise

They were little and fluffy when they arrived and grew to the colorful ducks they are today.  Huey and Dewy are the bigger males and Louise is their smaller female companion.  Like most ducks, they like to play in the water and enjoy their own private pool parties in the warm weather season.


Isaac, Jacob's sheep

He has four horns!  He lives in a pen with Nanny and Belle and likes to scratch between his horns by rubbing his head on the side of his pen.


Jameel, Katahdin Sheep

They are called “hair sheep” because they do not have traditional wool like a standard sheep and do not require regular sheering. Jameel has a twin sister who lives on another nearby farm.


Mack, belgian draft horse

We acquired him from Hope in the Valley Equine Rescue.  He weighs over 1,500 pounds and will one day learn to pull our wagon for rides.


Marley, Scottish Highland bull

Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world and are known for their long hair. Marley is especially shy and is still learning about making friends with people.

Nanny and Belle

Nanny and Belle, Nubian goats

They like to play “Queen of the Hill” and climb on hay mountains.  They also like to chase their friend, Isaac, around their pen.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle, Giant Flemish Rabbits

They are the largest in size of all breeds of rabbits and can weigh up to 22 pounds and grow 2.5 feet long.


Simon, Jersey dairy bull

He came to live with us when he was only one week old and we had to feed him from a giant bottle when he first moved in.  He likes to lick everything – even our fingers and elbows!


Solomon, Royal Palm Turkey

They are not meat birds so the Zoo won’t be eating it for Thanksgiving!  The Royal Palm breed is know for its colorful black and white display.


Willie, Nigerian Dwarf Pigmy Goat

He is full of energy and loves to rub on everything to scratch his head between his horns!


Houdini, Juliana Pig

Houdini is a miniature pig who got his name when he escaped the first day coming to the zoo and it took us two weeks to finally catch him!